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Purchasing a pre-sale condo has many benefits.  You get a brand new space that fits your needs and style and you are able to customize your purchase by picking color schemes, layout, extras, parking, storage etc.  Here are some other advantages to buying presale:

• Warranty

When you purchase new, you have the peace of mind knowing that your property is covered by the 2-5-10 year warranty program that is required for all new construction.

• Potential to Make Profit while you wait

Purchasing a pre-sale in rising market can make you money while you wait for construction to complete without the monthly expense of a mortgage payment, property taxes and strata fees. If you buy presale at a time when real estate prices were lower than when the

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Why are you buying this property?

There are three main reasons to invest in real estate in the Vancouver area: owning a property as an investment, generating a source of income and speculating for a quick win.

Timing is everything when it comes to speculation. If you are lucky to catch the market in an upswing you’ll make some easy cash, however invest at the wrong time and you are more than likely going to lose some money. Properties are a little different when it comes time to getting out, you might have to wait for the market to settle before you are able to sell your home.

Over the past 5 years, prices for residential properties have risen by 71.8% in the Greater Vancouver area.  This price growth is great, but it's not always easy to

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What is Land Assembly?

Land Assembly is when several properties that are adjacent to each other are being sold by the same agent together to make way for a bigger plot of land and sold to developers, this is called land assembly. If you are curious about the process or have a giant lot of land you are looking to sell, this land assembly blog post is for you.

Begin with the right Evaluation

So, when it comes to the biggest question: how much is my home worth under the Official Development Plan? A big plot of land is worth more than a smaller plot and thus has more space and options. There are a variety of ways to figure out the cost, but the best way is to work with a realtor who has experience and training in land assembly. When you are

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New Consumer Protection Rules: A message from the Real Estate Council of British Columbia

The Superintendent of Real Estate has announced new rules for real estate licensees that will change the way a real estate professional can provide service to consumers. Under the new rules, real estate licensees will be required to:

  • give consumers more information about commissions and fees —  in particular, how the commission is to be divided between a listing brokerage and cooperating brokerage, or when there is no cooperating brokerage, retained by the listing brokerage;
  • before working with consumers, inform them of the duties and responsibilities owed to clients and unrepresented parties;  
  • inform unrepresented consumers of the risks of
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Vancouver All British Field Meet
May 19
VanDeusen Botanical Garden (37th and Oak Street)

This will be the 33 year of this event and will feature a large display of British cars and motorcycles. Starting at 10am and running until 4pm, this event will feature live music, food trucks, a swap meet, restoration demonstrations, as well as cars for sale. The event will close out with an awards presentation and special prize draws. So if you are a British car enthusiast this event is for you!


Vancouver Comic Arts Festival
May 19 and 20th
181 Roundhouse Mews

This is a two day celebration of graphic novels and comic books. The event will feature an exhibition and vendor fair with hundreds of creators taking part in panels, readings and workshops.

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Turn on the television or scroll through Facebook, and chances are you’ll see at least one advertisement for a group or “guru” who promises to teach you how to “get rich quick” through real estate investing. The truth is, much of what they’re selling are high-risk tactics that aren’t a good fit for the average investor. However, there is a way to make steady, predictable, low-risk income through real estate investing. In this blog post, we’ll examine the tried-and-true tactics that can be used to increase your income, pay off debt...even fund your retirement!


One of the basic principles of real estate investment lies in this fact: everyone needs a place to live. And according to the Government of Canada’s Average

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When was the last time you checked your credit score? In a 2012 study by the Federal Trade Commission, one in five people identified at least one error on their credit report. In their 2015 follow-up study, almost 70% thought that at least one piece of previously disputed information was still inaccurate.

These rampant inaccuracies are a big deal, especially if you’re thinking of buying a home soon. With a less-than-great score, you may not get preapproved for a mortgage. Or if you do get preapproval, you might get a higher mortgage rate -- which means thousand of extra dollars per year spent in interest payments.

The good news is that there are steps you can take right now to clean up your credit. Here are some of my top tips.

mortgage pre approval info

Review every section of

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